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The Luminaire Award for Best Prose

The Luminaire Award for Best Prose is one of our annual awards, honoring the independent press’ best short stories and hybrid prose works of each year. The winners and finalists are selected by an external panel that judges all pieces blindly and selects the full list of finalists from hundreds of entrants. Alternating Current does not determine the final outcome for the judging; the external judges’ decisions are final. Prizes vary from place to place and year to year, but currently include printed certificates, cash honorariums, publication on Alternating Current’s award page, publication on The Current, printed publication in the Luminaire Award print anthology with the selection indicated, complimentary copies of the printed journal, and our virtual medallion created by the lovely folks at Hardly Square, for personal and professional use on the author’s websites, blogs, and book covers. YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE. You can buy a small sponsorship or make a donation in honor of a loved one for this award HERE.


•First Place: “For the Man after Me” by Eric Shonkwiler
•Second Place: “Kinda Sorta American Dream” by Steve Karas
•Third Place: “What World We Build after All That’s Burned Away” by Justin Lawrence Daugherty
•Fourth Place: “Sculpting Sand” by Steve Karas
•Fifth Place: “Tennessee” by Constance Sayers
•Finalist: “The Jewel Fish” by Charles Bane, Jr.
•Finalist: “LinkedIn Thought You Might Be Interested in This Post-Climate Impact Job: Environmental Migrant Management and Soil-Free Solutions” by Ashley Shelby
•Finalist: “Re-Up” by Eric Shonkwiler
•Finalist: “Summer of the Horseshoe Crab” by Charles Bane, Jr.
•Finalist: “Walking” by Diane Payne
•Finalist: “Riders on the Storm” by Vic Sizemore
•Finalist: “Furthermore” by Josh Wardrip


•First Place: “Chindi” by Eric Shonkwiler
•Second Place: “A Hindershot of Calion” by Schuler Benson
•Third Place: “Inheritance” by Stephanie Liden
•Fourth Place: “The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide” by Schuler Benson
•Fifth Place: “An American Seeker” by Kevin Catalano
•Finalist: “The Photographer” by Andrei Guruianu
•Finalist: “Any Similarities between the Characters in This Purely Fictional Story and Actual Individuals Are Purely Coincidental” by Phill Arensberg
•Finalist: “Ole Hazel” by Schuler Benson
•Finalist: “It Won’t Always Be Like This” by Seth Clabough
•Finalist: “Tatau” by Jennifer Leeper
•Finalist: “Mama Was a Breeder, and I Was Born a Son of a Bitch” by Schuler Benson
•Finalist: “Frequencies Between” by Eric Shonkwiler


•First Place: “A Slow Dance in the Afternoon” by Mia Eaker
•Second Place: “Stoop” by Alexa Mergen
•Third Place: “Sunrise Special” by John Vicary
•Fourth Place: “The Spirit of Shackleton” by Gavin Broom
•Fifth Place: “Telling the Sampo” by Kevin Catalano
•Finalist: “The Elephant in the Bathtub” by J. Lewis Fleming
•Finalist: “The Peculiar Incident at Otter Creek” by Gavin Broom
•Finalist: “The Blue Diamond” by Steph Post
•Finalist: “The Deathbed Confession of Christopher Walken” by Paul Corman-Roberts
•Finalist: “This Love Story Has a Zombie in It” by Daniel Crocker
•Finalist: “For the Sake of Story” by Pat Siebel


•First Place: “Vandals” by Nathan Graziano
•Second Place: “Our Place” by Neil Serven
•Third Place: “Near to Him” by Charles P. Ries
•Fourth Place: “An Inheritance” by Janette Shafer
•Fifth Place: “To Kill Them to Break Them” by Robert James Russell
•Finalist: “Die Vögel (The Birds)” by Patrick Kindig
•Finalist: “Pea Soup” by Christina Elaine Collins
•Finalist: “The Androgynous Coat” by Nathan Graziano
•Finalist: “Dear River,” by Misti Rainwater-Lites
•Finalist: “Mutha’s Boy” by Travis Turner
•Finalist: “Beans” by Nathan Graziano

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