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The Charter Oak Award for Best Historical

The Charter Oak Award for Best Historical is one of our annual awards, honoring the independent press’ best poems, prose, and hybrid works on historical themes of any kind. The winners and finalists are selected by an external panel that judges all pieces blind and selects the full list of finalists from hundreds of entrants. Alternating Current does not determine the final outcome for the judging; the external judges’ decisions are final. Prizes vary from place to place and year to year, but currently include printed certificates, cash honorariums, publication on Alternating Current’s award page, publication on The Current, printed publication in the annual literary journal of history, Footnote, with the selection indicated, complimentary copies of the printed journal, and our virtual medallion created by the lovely folks at Hardly Square, for personal and professional use on the author’s websites, blogs, and book covers. YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE. You can buy a small sponsorship or make a donation in honor of a loved one for this award HERE.

2016Winners & Finalists

•First Place: “Sugar Beet Harvest, 1944” by Mary Buchinger
•Second Place: “Your Bonnet” by Raymond Luczak
•Third Place: “Salt” by Holly M. Wendt
•Finalist: “The Search for John Doe No. 2” by Rodney Wilhite
•Finalist: “The Death & Birth of Jesse James on April 3, 1882” by GennaRose Nethercott
•Finalist: “I Meet Geronimo” by Charles Bane, Jr.
•Finalist: “Lodger in the Ripper’s Room” by John Paul Davies
•Finalist: “Hugh Casey and Ernest Hemingway, the Artist and the Ballplayer” by Alan Catlin
•Finalist: “That the true owner may have it again” by Holly M. Wendt
•Finalist: “Out of the dust, light and power” by Yasmin Murgai
•Finalist: “Queen of the Mist” by Cynthia Anderson
•Finalist: “Emerald Beauties” by Jon Sindell

2015Winners & Finalists

•First Place: “My Father Tells Us about Leaving Vilnius” by Lyn Lifshin
•Second Place: “The Romanov Family Portrait” by Christina Elaine Collins
•Third Place: “Eva” by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
•Finalist: “Titanic” by Sean Brendan-Brown
•Finalist: “Lynchable Offenses in Alabama, 1889-1920” by Jesseca Cornelson
•Finalist: “The Dictionary” by Claudia Serea
•Finalist: “The Diabolical Voodoo Experiments of Harry Smith, Folk Music Anthologist” by Ed Hamilton
•Finalist: “Gorsas’ Guillotine: A Nonfiction Narrative of Wordsworth and Carlyle” by James O’Brien
•Finalist: “The Ballad of Augustin Lefavre” by R. Joseph Capet
•Finalist: “No Pasarán!” by Luther Jett
•Finalist: “Ode to the Couches of the 1950s” by Brian Le Lay
•Finalist: “Strathcona Park” by Pearl Pirie

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