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The Spark is our section for columns, essays, rants, editorials, opinions, trending topics, creative nonfiction, and other features. Listed here from most current to oldest.

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“Indigenous Peoples Day” by Edmund Sandoval | 10/12/15

“The Possibility of the Unknown” by Justin Muschong | Leif Erikson Day | 10/9/15

“Dead Poets Remembrance Day” by Justin Muschong | Dead Poets Remembrance Day | 10/7/15

“Peace, O My Rebel Heart” by Justin Muschong | Dead Poets Remembrance Day | 10/7/15

“Shout-Out to Teachers on World Teachers Day” by Edmund Sandoval | 10/5/15

“Get a Job: Santiago as Fisherman” by Nick Mazmanian | 10/2/15

“Honoring Editors” | Be Kind to Editors Month | 9/29/15

“Unfinished” by David Frederick Thomas | 9/27/15

“Lady Pirates Were Riot Grrrl before Riot Grrrl” by Deirdre Coyle | Talk like a Pirate Day | 9/19/15

“Family Interpreter” by Georgia Bellas | Grandparents Day | 9/13/15

“My Turbulent History with Assassin’s Creed’s History” by Rick Dakan | National Video Games Day | 9/12/15

“On #Pitmad and Pitch Events” by Nicole Tone | 9/8/15

“Butchery” by Julia M. Brown | Frankenstein Day | 8/30/15

“Teach Your Friends ‘Feminist’ Isn’t a Dirty Word” by Lucia Diaz-French | Women’s Equality Day | 8/26/15

“Add an Egg” by Chase Burns | Whiskey Sour Day | 8/25/15

“The Best Day Pluto Ever Had” by Deborah Yarchun | Pluto Demoted Day | 8/24/15

“Recommended Reading for Poets’ Day” by Joyce Chong | 8/21/15

“Leftie Love: My Ode to the Left-Handed Community” by Priya Frank | Left Handers Day | 8/13/15

“Notes to a Turntable (on Vinyl Record Day)” by Benjamin Woodward | 8/12/15

“What We Leave in Books: Booksellers share memorable items they’ve found” by Jessica Franken | Book Lovers Day | 8/9/15

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