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A Poor Attempt to Imitate The Man said...

...that, uhhh...that would be over 1000 poems, at this juncture, Dana....and 24 chapbooks, the latest being *Sine Peoria, Nulla est Gloria*, out in download as I write, print, in a couple weeks.

I realize you couldn't get 'hold of me. I've been angry. With good reason. 'Tube *Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?*--George's line, the one which begins, "No. I mean, there are limits. ..."

Otherwise, good on you. It's nice to see Art as a reflection of Life, for a change. Which, is like saying Gotham City reflects America. Yes.

Your Merrimac is Monitored said...

.....aaaannndd, add about 30 more (or so)!

Shello, nonfriends. As of yesterday--appropriately in my world, a Sunday, here cometh, "The Tribes Joshua Drove Out of the Land", my "mental illness" chapbook, or, 2.0 thereof. "Tribes", written in 2011, has been 4 years in waiting and process of release, hoops, delays and water boiled. Now It, and (SHE's BAAAAACCKK!!) cover model Jessica as "Nonnie, the New Creation", are screaming for you to read and take them in! They can be found, along with--Hey "Onderdonkey", through ACP, my magnificent octopus, good for Remembering the Alamo--on AMAZON...see, that's a worldeating site, which could no doubt eat Jimmy Eat World, so, you have to text scream, "AMAZON!!!" Then, you have to scoop up CEE...not for any reason other than Truth is true because it's TRUE, and for my work and your mind, I can but parrot The Great Ellison, "This is good for your soul. Don't argue with me."

The Tribes Joshua Drove Out of the Land, by CEE. Title #25. As few as 2 more...and, out the door. You. Read. Now.

Henry Wirz' Immortal Soul said...

And with nearly all planks kicked away, the beat goes on. My words are ugly, but they tell the Truth. There Is Actual Truth, ya know. I'm a "CEE-er".

Title #26, Hammer-Chained (a clumsy but willing throw to Poe's Tamerlane), is out, as of the 9th (it sits on Amazon, a-waiting your #click#, check your balances, Black Friday's coming). Such goodies as The Full Human Alphabet (Title...26?) as conceived in 2010, 9/11 perspective (incl. the Poet's drowsy thoughts that very morning, playing phone messages), Lovecraft vs. Main Street, USA, a Big Adam Sandler shred and raspberries at everything from boson-god to an individual Not minding their own business in 1978, await your pleasure.
...unless you are of the dated ilk who believes Art need affirm Life, rather than show it for what it is...and (or) would argue points of value like the personification of a Campbell's Kid...in which case, to cop to 21 Century Dennis Miller, "you're so far down that road, I can't talk to ya". I'd but make the point Rorschach in the end emerged victorious, and that one doesn't base one's truths on what makes one "feel good"...'possible exception of taste in humor. If snark appeals, read me, anyway! Take it with a grain of sand. Maybe two. Whatever gets ya through the night, Chesterton. As one of the vaunted anarchist friends said, "I don't have to come up with a solution!"

Hammer-Chained, by CEE. That's 26 chaps, now, and chugging on toward 1100 poems. A print rerelease of an earlier injustice done, one more "regular" chap, and a fully illustrated book size, coming in 2016! This doesn't, of course, list the one-offs and 5-offs and the editorial column I've been granted. I'm not here to puff up. I need No One, for Self affirmation. I jus' wan-ned you 'know there's 'nuther CEE chapbook on the market, RIGHT NOW. Buy it, try it, walk through the valley of its shadow without fear. You might get a kick. Or, a "spark". Which, is the entire idea behind attempting to think, in the first place.

The planks are nearly gone in their entirety. Still, the uncaged Raven squawks. Come Know 'Why'.

Where The Web Stops and I Start said...

Let's tack on 30 or so more, dear bean counter, not counting one-offs. Assuming that matters. It would appear "positive regard", is the lever which moves the world...but I've known that since the first Wednesday morning in November, 1992.

Title #27, The Blazing Hands of 100 Drummers, replete with the blazing smile of Eva Peron blazing out at you from a blazing postage memorial stamp, is the CEE offering for Election 2016...an ISBN in the tradition of such notable indies as I'm Better Off Every Four Years, which you can find Right Here (assuming there's more than one writer left on the site)! It's political, it's sociopolitical, it's manifesto with only finger food of memoir, this time. It is larger warning, as normal, full of smirk. And, it's portent, too, so she that has mind to think, let her get her head out of the kitchen.

The Blazing Hands of 100 Drummers, available NOW (actually, since 2/1) on Amazon, was not a chapbook intended...but, I read a dusty article, re: Crayola re: "Indian Red", then read other dusty news re: same, then off to opinionpedia, and by that time, the dashboard dog of Human, nodding Merry Melodies at our very own Animal Farm...it...it just...well. Some of you know Me, by now. Others, never will. That's the whole idea, behind "choices"...including unfriending on Facecanard, because someone you "love", made a different one.

This year of Leap, of the Great Olympics Boobs Controversy, of Hammer 'n Sickle versus Swastika in November, sees at last CEE turn from the poetic plow. My editorial screeds through Scars Publications' CC&D, will continue well into 2017. A rerelease of a chapbook illused, will see a print version only (and exist after this thing you look upon, dies from EMP), by summer. There's talk of more, as lost mms were fished from The Abyss of dead HD...but, probably not.

So, get your hot little hands on "Blazing Hands", as the beat goes on for poets, writers, authors...I'd feel a lot more confident, if I thought this Community marched for real, to a different drum, but Community of any sort, is by definition and peer group pressure, The Same.

Ergo the Riddle of No Answer, and of "Other". Some poets are more equal. Check out CEE.