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Alternating Current Author News
JUNE 13TH-JULY 12TH, 2015

AL KRATZ was a finalist in the Wyvern Lit Flash Fiction Contest and will have his story published in the forthcoming Summer Issue, as well as an additional story that was picked up for an August 26th publication date with Spelk Fiction. You can find Al on Alternating Current with his short story, “Ghosts,” and his poem, “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide,” on The Current, and his fiction reviews on The Volt.

LEAH ANGSTMAN had her poem, “The haunting of the Oatman Hotel,” featured on The Writes of Woman and Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals “Meet me in New Mexico” podcast.

SCHULER BENSON was interviewed by Harry C. Marks for Episode 11 of the COVERED podcast. You can find Schuler on Alternating Current with his short stories, “A Hindershot of Calion” and “Mama Was a Breeder, and I Was Born a Son of a Bitch,” on Go Read Your Lunch and with his full-length collection of short stories, The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide.

STEPH POST talked True Detective with several other authors on Barrelhouse. You can find Steph on Alternating Current with her short story, “The Blue Diamond,” on Go Read Your Lunch.

NATHAN GRAZIANO had an essay about baseball and boyhood, “Trotting on Clouds,” published on The Good Men Project. You can find Nathan on Alternating Current as our Featured Writer in Poiesis Review #6, in Taxi Cab Poet Confessions, and with his Luminaire Award-winning short story, “Vandals,” published on Go Read Your Lunch.

LUKE MAGUIRE ARMSTRONG was featured in The Bismarck Tribune. You can find Luke on Alternating Current with his short story, “The Mugger’s Philosophy,” on Go Read Your Lunch.

PEARL PIRIE had a poem, “What was settled,” published at One Sentence Poems. You can find Pearl on Alternating Current in Footnote: A Literary Journal of History #1.

PAT SIEBEL interviewed Kevin Maloney on Hobart. You can find Pat on Alternating Current with his short story, “For the Sake of Story,” on Go Read Your Lunch.

APRIL MICHELLE BRATTEN had installment #13 of her column, “Three to Read,” published on Words Dance. You can find April on Alternating Current in Poiesis Review #5.

J. LEWIS FLEMING had a poem, “7 am: at the typewriter, the house is so still,” published in Oddball Magazine. You can find J. on Alternating Current in Poiesis Review #2, #3, #4, and #5, with his chapbooks, The Bones of Saints under Glass and Shades of Green, with his play, “The Elephant in the Bathtub,” on Go Read Your Lunch, and with his pieces published in Hesitant to Restore.

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