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Moon Up, Past Full by Eric Shonkwiler

MOON UP, PAST FULL: Novellas & Stories by Eric Shonkwiler is available now for pre-order. There are a couple limited-edition packages that contain exclusive items, plus paperback options, and a DRM-free digital package that includes PDF, mobi, ePUB, and full hi-res jacket art. The book and packages ship in October.

As Faulkner’s voice portrayed the South and Breece D’J Pancake’s represented Appalachia, Eric Shonkwiler captures the Midwest, with this collection of novellas and short stories that peels back the edges of rural existence to expose the heart of it. Through parental neglect, rebellious sons and daughters, drug-addled war veterans, backwoods zombies, injured firemen, car thieves, witch doctors, and Navajo ghosts, Shonkwiler brings you a disregarded world you can no longer ignore—one thriving with the mundane, the bruised, the unheard. Here is the voice of the rest of us, spoken only the way firsthand experience, rooted deep in overworked soil, can say it.

THE HEMINGWAY: Deluxe Edition Pkg $35.00

ONLY 10 AVAILABLE. Contains a personally signed paperback, hand-engraved FLASK!, coaster, bookmark, keychain, set of stickers, and set of 4 postcards

THE FAULKNER: Limited Edition Pkg $25.00

ONLY 10 AVAILABLE. Contains a paperback, hand-etched SHOTGLASS!, personally signed bookmark, keychain, set of stickers, and set of 4 postcards

Personally Signed Paperback $̶1̶5̶.̶9̶9̶ $13.99

Paperback $̶1̶1̶.̶9̶9̶ $9.99

Complete DRM-Free Digital Package $̶5̶.̶9̶9̶ $4.19

Contains PDF, mobi, ePUB, & hi-res full jacket art

Fiction: Novellas, Short Stories
Published by Alternating Current
5” x 8” Perfect-bound Trade Paperback
Cream Paper
254 Pages
PDF, Mobi, ePUB Digital Formats
First Edition: October 2015
Cover Photograph by Mathias Barbagallo
Illustrations by Christina Collins

“Shonkwiler’s stories capture the rural experience rarely heard—the quiet, dangerous voices of the desperate, struggling for honor among thieves. A stark and timely slice of Americana gothic that both razes and rebuilds.”
—Paula Bomer,
author of Nine Months and Inside Madeleine

Moon Up, Past Full is an engaging read. The pages turn.”
—Kyle Minor,
author of Praying Drunk and In the Devil’s Territory

“Eric Shonkwiler is one of my favorite writers, and his short fiction is everything that his longer work is—tough, precise, and uncompromising. The stories in Moon Up, Past Full seize the reader with the sense that they will never turn loose. His style is quick and hard and pure. Here’s yet more proof that the best and most daring fiction in America is published by independent presses. Read this book with a bourbon within reach. You’ll need it. In a good way.”
—Charles Dodd White,
author of A Shelter of Others and Sinners of Sanction County

“Eric Shonkwiler is the new voice of the American Heartland. The stories in Moon Up, Past Full touch the scorched heart of the Midwest, and there is something deeply American in the telling, a directness that honors the cowhands and combat vets, single mothers and fatherless daughters, who grit their teeth and lean into those old hard winds.”
—Taylor Brown,
author of In the Season of Blood & Gold and Fallen Land

“Shonkwiler’s stories are pleasantly dusty, country. Full as a tick. Well-written wordy breezes swirling into a blinding windstorm of memorable characters, families, women and men, animals, trucks, guns, bottles of bourbon. This collection is alive and sad and violent, heartbreaking and lonely—steadied by Shonkwiler’s strong hand. He has both the guts and extraordinary talent to keep his reader reading.”
—Leesa Cross-Smith,
author of Every Kiss a War

“An eclectic, atmospheric collection bound together with barbed-wire nostalgia. Moon Up, Past Full is quietly poignant and devilishly risky, all while mining the depths of human emotions and delivering an array of gems in intimate, carefully framed moments. Another powerhouse work of startling grace from Eric Shonkwiler.”
—Steph Post,
author of A Tree Born Crooked

“Eric Shonkwiler’s prose occupies an impossible space between the timeless and the ephemeral, and the apparent ease with which he crafts worlds and characters makes classifying his style all the more difficult. You and I are in every one of these stories, whether we want to be or not, and our fates are in Shonkwiler’s hands.”
—Schuler Benson,
author of The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide

    Photo by Sabrina Renkar
ERIC SHONKWILER has had writing appear in Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Fiddleblack, [PANK] Magazine, Midwestern Gothic, and elsewhere. He was born and raised in Ohio, received his MFA from University of California-Riverside as a Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow, was recently selected as a New River Gorge Winter Writer-in-Residence in West Virginia, and has lived and worked in every contiguous U.S. time zone. His debut novel, Above All Men (MG Press, 2014), won the Coil Book Award for Best Book in the Independent Press, was chosen as a Midwest Connections Pick by the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, and was included as a Best Book of the Year selection on multiple lists, including The Next Best Book Club’s, Bent Country’s, and Chicago Book Review’s. He is the winner of the Luminaire Award for Best Prose, was a finalist in the Queen’s Ferry Press Best Small Fictions Prize, and has formerly served as Regional Editor for Los Angeles Review of Books, a reader for [PANK], and Editor-in-Chief and Fiction Editor for Crate Magazine: The Journal of UCR. His second novel has been picked up for publication in Fall 2016. Find him at ericshonkwiler.com and at @eshonkwiler on Twitter.

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