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2016Queen’s Ferry Best Small Fictions

We here at Alternating Current feel that it is highly important to reward our authors with every possible chance for recognition of their fine crafts. We are pleased to announce that we have nominated our maximum of five pieces for the Best Small Fictions of 2016 Prize, and we wish these authors the best of luck in the award process.

Seth Clabough
“It Won’t Always Be Like This”
Published on The Spark

Andrei Guruianu
“The Photographer”
Published on The Spark

Jennifer Leeper
Published on The Spark

Eric Shonkwiler
“Nettle Creek Cemetery”
Published in Moon Up, Past Full

Thanks to these authors for sharing their incredible work with us and for trusting us to share it with the rest of the world. Congratulations on the nominations.

• Help us reward our authors further. Authors receive ~80% of your tip, after necessary transaction and administrative fees. Even small change makes a difference. • Permalink • Tag: The Current

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