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1.) Write a piece about or evoked by the photo above.

2.) The piece can be any style or genre. Poetry, hybrid, and all sorts of prose are welcome, including flash, short stories, essays, or creative nonfiction. Soft word-limit of 4,000 words.

3.) The piece should have a historical bent to it. Use the historical nature, setting, and atmosphere of the photo to evoke the sense of history in your piece. If we can’t find anything historical about it, we won’t accept it.

4.) Deadline: February 29, 2016.

5.) There are three ways to submit: You can leave your piece in the comments below. You can email your piece to alt.current (at) gmail.com. Or you can link to a piece that you have printed elsewhere, like on a personal blog or public profile, either in the comments or on Twitter, using the hashtag #daguerreotyped so we can find it. (Make sure you spell it correctly, or we won’t find it.)

6.) You may submit as many pieces as you’d like, but please enclose them all in one email, if possible.

7.) Provide us some way to contact you. You can link to a contact page on your website, provide an email address, leave a Twitter @handle so we can DM you, etc. We won’t hunt you down if you don’t leave contact info.

8.) If we like your piece, it will be printed on The Spark and considered for print and eBook in Footnote: A Literary Journal of History #3, alongside the photo. It will additionally go into the semifinalist round for a chance to win $100, a certificate, and our virtual gold medallion for the Charter Oak Award for Best Historical.

9.) We reserve the right not to pick a winner and not to print any pieces if there isn’t one that grabs us; likewise, we may also choose more than one.

10.) Being familiar with what we print increases your chances of winning and being considered for print. You can read past finalists and winners of the Charter Oak Award for Best Historical online for free, or you can support our press by purchasing print or eBook copies of our current history journal, Footnote #1. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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1 comment:

Phillip Larrea said...

Crows Between Here and There

Harbinger stares east,
Messenger west.
They sit on a fence
in Nebraska to contemplate
this coal-fired Eagle line
out of Kansas City
bound for the coast.
She carries sheared waves of grain
on tracks built before
The War Between the States.
One stop more in Wyoming
to take on butchered beef
hung in freezer cars
to preserve death’s freshness
during that long trip
on a slow boat to China.
This time it is Harbinger’s job
to deliver the news
of what has been traded away.

Phillip Larrea