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autobiography after Edouard Levé, after Helen Casper

Beast of Eatin’ (2 ms. pages)
The belly’s a shameless dog.

The night before the Golden Thread Three Course Final he eats two Thanksgiving dinners, takes his vitamins, goes for a jog. Martha, his wife, calls their doctor to confirm.

In The Greenhouse (12 ms. pages)

Teenage Knifefighters on Dope (58 ms. pages)

The Vitriolic (8 ms. pages)

The moon was rich that night, alone in the sky like a toenail on a floorboard.

The Love Song of Vowels Ernst and Consonance DuBois (6 ms. pages)

Hanson McGregor (8 ms. pages)

Lucky Lanes (4 ms. pages)

The Buck Stops Here (2 ms. pages)

Cornelius (3 ms. pages + notes)

[Author’s Note: This book began as an attempt to understand a story—that of Cornelius M______—from the world I grew up in; a story that, because of its nature, was one that had to be largely imagined before it could even be told. Eventually, I realized that in order to tell his story, I had to tell mine, as well. Eventually, I stopped distinguishing between the two. This book has consumed much of my adult life. I’ve lived Cornelius M______ for a long time now. Perhaps, with this book, I can finally stop.]

Petri (6 ms. pages)

Buffalo Jump (2 paragraphs)

Under the moon, beneath the stars
Away from the city, away from the cars
The beavers gnaw ’til the trees go ‘whump!’
And one baby buffalo jumps.
—Marilyn E. W. Winnifred Wilson,
The Adventures of Baby Buffalo

Untitled (Kitchen) (8 ms. pages)

Kingfisher, or The Two Times My Father Died (11 ms. pages)

In Utero (6 ms. pages)

“You know,” she said, “I actually saw her one other time, before then, in Montreal of all places. Probably five years ago. She had an exhibition at a gallery downtown and I kind of heard about it in passing. It was all these large prints—ultrasounds of the—the man. Curled up in her womb. She was huge; Sam, she was—enormous. She was in one of those electric wheelchairs y’know? I don’t even think she knew I was there.”

Vultures (8 ms. pages)

Young liars (>315 ms. pages)

The Joyful Noise (3 ms. pages)

Face (6 ms. pages)

The Voice of Vladimir Nabokov (3 ms. pages)

Pathologically Weak Men (6 ms. pages)

The Colonel’s Wife (3 ms. pages)

We Are Here to Make Your Night Less Shitty (15 ms. pages)

That summer I’m the bassist in a Led Zeppelin cover band called Tin Blimp.

Thadeus Sutton, Bull Run (<1 paragraph)

McKenna (6 ms. pages)

Ten days into boot camp, McKenna fell two stories off an obstacle course and broke his fall with his legs. He shattered them both. Five breaks in the left, eight in the right. A broken hip. He was hospitalized, at first in bed and then wandering the same halls as soldiers whose tours of duty had been cut short by homemade bombs or sniper fire.

Johns (3 ms. pages)

The Old Folks’ Home (18 ms. pages)

DAVID FREDERICK THOMAS lives with his wife and kids in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. His work has appeared most recently in Fence.

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