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The 2016 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical

We here at Alternating Current feel that it is highly important to reward our authors with every possible chance for recognition of their fine crafts. We are pleased to announce our semifinalist longlist for The 2016 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical, honoring the independent press’ best writing on historical topics. The pieces are judged blindly by an external panel to determine the semifinalists, and a finalist shortlist will be announced in January. From there, first, second, and third place winners are presented, followed by nine notable mentions, all of whom will have pieces featured on The Spark throughout the year, among other prizes for the different places. Additionally, all semifinalists will be published in the forthcoming history-themed literary journal, Footnote #2, due Spring 2016. We wish these authors the best of luck in the award process.

Cynthia Anderson
“Queen of the Mist”

Charles Bane, Jr.
“I Meet Geronimo”

Garrett J. Brown
“The Camel from the Cotton Seed”

Mary Buchinger
“Sugar Beet Harvest, 1944”
“No Gods, No Masters”

Alan Catlin
“Hugh Casey and Ernest Hemingway, the Artist and the Ballplayer”
“On Receiving a Copy of Bill Matthews’ Book, Sleek for the Long Flight, the Same Day as Learning of His Death”

John Paul Davies
“Lodger in the Ripper’s Room”

Gary Every
“Lewis and Clark Trees”

Tyler Gillespie
“Gay History Month”

Emily Kiernan
“If Not Love, Then the Bomb”

Tricia Knoll
Klaska - The Lost Clatsop Word for They

Llanwyre Laish

Alexis Larkin
“The Price of Patronage”

Phillip Larrea
“Brujeria Slaves”

Raymond Luczak
“The American Society of Deaf Artists: 26 February 1927”
“Your Bonnet”

Yasmin Murgai
“Out of the dust, light and power”

GennaRose Nethercott
“The Death & Birth of Jesse James on April 3, 1882”

Jennifer Roche
“The Man of the Seas (Syria)”
“The Sea (for Jules Verne)”
“A Venture”

Francine Rubin

Jon Sindell
“Emerald Beauties”

John Vicary
“Fast Falls the Eventide”
“Shipwreck Coast”

Holly M. Wendt
“That the true owner may have it again”

Rodney Wilhite
“The Search for John Doe No. 2”

Thanks to these authors for sharing their incredible work with us and for trusting us to share it with the rest of the world. Congratulations on the nominations and for making it this far.


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